Our Organisational Structure

The following is the organisational structure of Dabane Water Workshops:

Board of Trustees

The primary, authoritative body with ultimate responsibility for the Trust. Within the terms of their constitution, they have the power to develop and direct the organization as they see fit within the principles of good governance. Presently this is a permanent Board. The trustees are ultimately accountable for the organization and its financial situation and therefore are not entitled to any remuneration or to hold any position in the organization that could be used for personal benefit.

Executive Committee

Dabane is registered with the Ministry of Justice as a PVO,  for this reason under the Trustees, there is the Executive Committee composed of seven members drawn from all walks of life with expertise in disciplines such as law, finance, social work, commerce, development or relief work and humanitarian work. The Executive holds office for a two-year term and can be re-elected for a further term. The Executive committee determines policies, procedures and oversees operational systems to be pursued by the organisation, ensure that enacted policies are implemented at DWW, employ the Directorate to run the day to day operations of the organisation and provide a stimulating and rewarding environment for the staff of DWW.


Responsible for the design of programmes and the ultimate co-ordination of initiatives and activities.

Programme Manager

Working closely with the Director is involved with programme implementation, general administration and human resource management and is more directly involved with donor partners.

Project Managers

Each of the larger programmes has a manager responsible for the operation and administration of that particular programme. Each manager is involved with the planning, administration and reporting of the programme.

The director, deputy director and project managers form a Management Committee responsible for the day to day management of the organization

Project Officers and Field Officers

Within each programme, there are project officers responsible for their respective project manager. Project officers are responsible for the implementation of an aspect of a programme. Field officers work as a team responsible for a project officer and are responsible for undertaking a particular activity under each project.

In addition to the formally employed staff, on various occasions, there will be:

Field Monitors

Local residents within a programmes’ work area who work with programme staff and assist with co-ordinating activities with the local community, assisting with training and data collection, monitoring beneficiary activities and reporting back to project managers and project officers

Placement Students

Students from tertiary institutions within Zimbabwe and beyond are engaged on an annual basis on an internship as per the requirements of their organisation/institution. Students may assist in programmes as and when there is a need, for example, WASH programmes, accounts and documentation.


The organization may have either local or overseas volunteers on a temporary basis to assist with a particular skill or capacity or to cover a particular need.

Projects Map