Our Mission, Values & Scope

Our Mission Statement

Dabane will work with vulnerable communities in arid and semi-arid areas in the southern Africa region, but more specifically in the south-western regions of Zimbabwe to alleviate poverty and hunger and improve health and hygiene through sustainable land use and appropriate water management and sanitation systems.

Our Scope

  • Work with vulnerable groups of people who have a willingness, understanding and ability to improve their situation.
  • Work with the resource-poor communities to uplift their standard of living.
  • Work through a series of appropriate community-based support strategies and suitable low technology solutions.

Our Values

In seeking to achieve the vision every effort will be made to do everything in accordance with the values.  The values guide us in the way we deal with every situation, by providing boundaries and defining how we work.

  • Dabane values honesty, integrity and transparency in all its dealings.  This includes wise and prudent handling of all resources entrusted to the organization.
  • Dabane strives for excellence in all it does to provide quality programmes through planning, leadership, assessment and feedback.
  • Dabane will strive to be transparent and accountable to its funders and supporters, to all stakeholders and to communities, local and national government.
  • Dabane is dedicated to serving communities in line with Sphere Humanitarian Standards and Humanitarian Accountability Partnership (HAP).
  • Dabane strives to respect the dignity of all people regardless of their age, religion, political affiliation, race, gender, ethnicity, disability, culture and customs.
  • Dabane strives to develop sustainable programmes based on indigenous knowledge systems, vulnerabilities and capacities.
  • Dabane seeks to work together with communities, donors, Government departments and agencies, local authorities and partner organizations and other like-minded NGOs that have a willingness, understanding and ability to improve the situation of communities to maximum effectiveness. 
  • Apolitical- Dabane is an apolitical organisation. It has no connection with any political party ideology. Employees have a right to political freedom as long as it does not affect their work.
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