Dabane Water Workshops believes in capacitating its employees in order to further its vision.  As part of staff development and as a way to fulfil its strategic plan, the organisation sent three Dabane staff members to Kenya to earn more about sand dam construction from the experts at Africa Sand Dam Foundation (ASDF) which is a strategic partner of Excellent Development.

ASDF has been imparting knowledge on sand dams to the organisation. ASDF has also on several occassions avisited the Dabane sand dam construction sites. Dabane has been following the recommendations and is still keen on knowing more on sand dam construction in relation to our rivers in Zimbabwe. The training workshop that was attended by Dabane staff in Kenya was aimed at understanding the impact of sand dams on development, the theory and practice of sand dam sitting and design and construction and the factors that affect feasibility and success.

Dabane Water Workshops, ASDF and Excellent Development strongly believe sand dams hold the potential to solving water and food insecurity issues in rural semi-arid and arid lands. Sand dams are cost effective and they keep water where it is needed and also since in its strategic plan, Dabane  is focusing on harnessing the effects of climate chang and sand dams help in preserving the environment as they aid in the reclamation of eroded land.

Participants were reminded that the impact of sand dams increases as they mature and they are very low maintenance.  The preconditions, simple survey and site testing techniques to determine technical feasibility of sand dams in an area were also discuused. These were said to be the role of the community in siting and the river profile. Community envolvement was encouraged  so as to ensure that the project is owned by communities. Local people are the best stakeholders to involve as they know the fundamentals such as where they want their sand dam to be, they know about the flow of the river, and they also know if it holds water for long periods during the dry seasons.

The participants were also involved in a practical of sand dam construction and this helped them in gaining more knowledge that will help in ensuring that the sand dams that Dabane builds later are better than the previous ones.