Thandinkosi Ndiweni (44) a farmer in Singatsha in the Matobo district started planting trees in 2014 around her homestead. However, she had trouble nursing them when she realized that her livestock was feeding on them. In 2018 she attended watershed management and water harvesting training under Dabane Trust. After this training, she decided to dig a well as a water source using the knowledge she had received from the training.

In 2019 she traveled to Harare under Dabane Trust to Fambidzanai Permaculture Centre (FPC) for training in nursery management where she was taught about the importance of growing trees. She received lessons on how to grow and nurture trees. The lessons also covered the pests and diseases likely to attack trees and the natural pests and diseases remedies.

“Before the trip, I didn’t care about having trees around my homestead, I only had ten trees at home and allowed goats to feed on them”, said Ndiweni.

After the visit, Miss Ndiweni started planting trees in her homestead. After learning about the importance of trees she decided to turn her backyard garden into an orchard. She made a fenced orchard, with the fence separating her homestead from the orchard. The fence protected the trees from livestock allowing them to mature.

Thandinkosi Ndiweni now has 27 trees in her orchard. As her trees grow she has managed to supplement her household diet with fruits and income by selling some of her trees. Realizing that more people were becoming more interested in her trees and asking for seeds and shoots, she then decided to start a nursery. In 2021, Miss Ndiweni made R4 200 from selling her trees at R35 each.


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